Electronic Design Kits

Component Kits LLC manufacturers and sells Electronic Component Kits used for professional OEM engineering design, prototype, university lab, and hobbyist uses. We specialize only in component kits, offering what we believe to be the best quality, most complete, comprehensive, and competitively priced engineering design kits available in today's marketplace.

Since our electronic component offering focuses on component kits, our company is driven only by our customers' needs, without special regard to the fluctuating market prices of the components within them. This is an important distinction, simply because there is not another company around that specializes solely in component kits that can be used by both professional and amateur designers. Most of our competitors, (ie. catalog distributors), offer watered-down kits which usually ends up short-changing the average customer. No matter how high or low the market conditions are driving component prices, your dollar will go a lot farther when buying a kit from ComponentKits.com!

Many of the brands of components used in our kits are world-renowned. Some of our kits are supplied to us already assembled, but most are manufactured by Component Kits LLC. In either case, the manufacturers of the components contained within remain the same, and you can always download a full datasheet for any component from our website, or request our Free CD-ROM which contains all datasheets you'll need for our kits.

We believe we have an impressive component kit offering, but we will continue to add new kits each month, or as demand dictates. Our ability to do this is a direct result of our loyal customers, and for that we would like to say Thank You! Our commitment to serving you, the engineering community at large is our number one priority, which we take to heart.

We hope our brief explanation about our company conveyed to you our unending desire to serving the electronic engineer's creative needs. To take an idea to a saleable product, an engineer must envision, design, build and test. That's where we come in, providing you with the best components available to accomplish your goals. Simply put that is our mission in life!

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